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Re: Handles... (holy gaspatio soup, Batman! a new thread!)

>All right, after the what's in, on or near your disc player game, it's
>time for the etymological e-mail handle thread!  Who, what, when, where,
>why, how did you acquire your e-mail handle?

Hmmm...this is interesting...

I'm in a band called My Pet Genius and I needed a way to remain anonymous
while posting info on my band.  I decided to use the word "genius" from the
name, but thought people might get the wrong idea.  So in order to avoid the
confusion I decided to mispell it, thus making it seem more of a joke.
People still didn't get it, as many of my Sloannet "friends" already know.
Since my handle's inception I've been inandated with comments like "by whose
standards" and "according to who" etc.  To tell you the truth now I almost
enjoy the rebuttals because I know the full story.

And for those of you who might ask, no, I don't think I'm a...Geneyus.