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Re: even more Re: EC bands and social conscience.

On 16 May 96 at 9:59, hharkins\!/is.dal.ca wrote:

}Look, when I go to a gig, I'm paying my $$ for the performance, and as a 
}"consumer purchasing a product", also as a "music fan listening to 
}music" if that sounds heartless, if I want to thoughtfully consider what I'm 
}swallowing instead of standing there glassy-eyed, then I have that right. For 
}me, going to gigs isn't about standing there passively, aimlessly nodding my 
}head to whatever the band/performer decides to do. 

>From what I saw at the inbreds/sfz gig, it's about sitting there 
passively, aimlessly nodding my head...

Geez, it bugs me when people show up for the headliner and don't 
care about the opener(s).  People generally seemed to like the 
inbreds and applauded politely after every song, but why did 90% sit 
through their set and 90% stand through the superfriendz?  There was 
plenty of seating available, so if you want to sit for one act, why 
not sit for both?

And why do people show up at 9:30 for a gig advertised to run from 
7:30 to 10:00?  OK, some of us have busy lives, but some people 
deliberately skip opening acts.  Why?  You're paying for the whole 
show, why show up late.  It's like paying $8 for the last hour of a 
Bond flick.  Sure, it's the best part, but you're wasting your cash.

Hey, I don't wanna dis any of my sloannetter pals who may have 
showed up late or sat through the gig.  Everybody has the right to 
do their own thing.  But it's gotta be discouraging for the band 
when they get such a lukewarm welcome and then sit back and watch 
the same crowd really dig the headliner.  I can remember Metro 
Centre shows where the place was half empty (no, not half full!) 
when the opener started but magically filled up by the time they 
finished.  Then again, I remember punk friends going to see 
Motorhead open and leaving before Alice Cooper's set.  Chacun son 

All in all, it was a good show.  I'd never heard the inbreds before 
(apart from that Sense of Time tune which I didn't even know was 
theirs) and was pleasantly surprised at how good a band without a 
guitarist can sound  The singer/bassist gets a lot of fullness out 
of four strings.  The superfriendz played a nice mix of old and 
new, Matt jumped off the drumkit without incident, and the goodnight 
theme was a rouser as always.

Cranky after a long weekend,

PS from Roget's Thesaurus:

Piebald: mottled, pied, skewbald, motley, marbled, pepper-and-salt,