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Re: leave me alone you assholes

er....gee....don't you think you're being a little on edge? we're so fun 
loving! ;)
shit....think before you jump! you may have been subbed by someone else 
as a joke, but you sure as hell don't have to start calling names.

take me to court! hee hee...this could be as fun as the person who wanted 
to take me to court for supposedly blowing an amp that was stolen!

with love,

On Sun, 19 May 1996, Sharon Murphy wrote:

> Dear,whoever the hell you!
>    Leave me alone!Stop sending me mail you assholes.your getting on my 
> nerves.Put me on your never send mail again list!You stupid bastards.If i 
> Recieve mail from any one of you fuckers i'll take your sorry ass's to court!
>     P.S.I mean it
>                                                                  From 
> Someone who doesn't give a
>                                                                           shit!