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Re: those nerdy super friendz

In a message dated 96-05-19 01:46:41 EDT, you write:

>tonight on realtime, an absolutely gorgeous version of my favorite super
>friendz song, "boots", was played...i was wondering if anyone knew if this
>is a new b-side (i never ever believe what the hosts on realtime say, it's
>too crazy in there for them to get all the information 100% correct...)
>type of deal and if those singles will ever be available for purchase.

ie the sticktoitiveness song?
What single! Doh!
Anyway, I was just wondering, how many different sfz radio singles were made?
I think it was 2, but I'm not sure. What were the B-sides, and how Many lies
would I have to tell murder to get one ?
How many times did sloan appear on realtime? I'm counting the warehouse and
the one a couple of weeks ago.. Someone listed another...?