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Re: sloannet annoy the neighbour night

Bad news my sloannet friends.  Since the two shows surrounding the Birdland
show got cancelled, I will not be going to Halifax next week.  Strawberry
will still be playing, but I will only join them in PEI.  I mean, although I
could use a week long vacation, I hardly have the money to be able to make it
worth my while.  So, I am sorry  to all my Halifax friends who I was looking
forward to seeing.  but I hope whoever is in PEI will come and say hello. 
And montreal, and cornwall.
May 31st IRC Charlettetown
June 1st Arts Guild, Charletton
June 3rd, Cafe So, Montreal ) and of course me solo and Strawberry
June 7th, Cornwall 

 In Montreal we are playing with Fidget that's Ron Woo, the bass player in
Nerdy Girl's band and Steve Durand solo acoustic he's the singer in Tinker.

then strawberry are going out some more, but I don't know where.  They have a
brand new 7"coming out on Janken Pon, which is the label that put out my new
Dime Store Hussy 7".  I guess you could say we were family.