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Re: leave me alone you assholes

At 07:44 PM 5/19/96 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear,whoever the hell you!
>   Leave me alone!Stop sending me mail you assholes.your getting on my 
>nerves.Put me on your never send mail again list!You stupid bastards.If i 
>Recieve mail from any one of you fuckers i'll take your sorry ass's to court!
>    P.S.I mean it
>                                                                 From 
>Someone who doesn't give a
>                                                                          shit!
>       Hello,
  Does everybody also agree with me that this person is a big prick and
doesn;t deserve to have a last name like Murphy. This goes out to you sharon
"Fuck You".

P.S Everybody send lots of mail to her

  "Hurt me with the words...Scream em' in my ears cause it's okay"
			Eric's Trip