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For Todays Active Sloan Net...

Hmm where to start?.. Hmm, ok we'll start with this Sharon person.
I don't understand why she couldn't *ask* to be removed before she
"flipped her wig" but people shouldn't waste too much sloan net 
mail addressing the situation- not worth the hassle/time.

Uhhm, Richard Davies.. I have heard most of it. I think I liked it,
it's (as Tara already said) something you have to let grow on you.
The songs are great and I think the people who liked 2X could get 
into it, hey, Sloan like Bowie too. I guess there are plans to release
some other Richard Davies related things on Murder as well.. Would 
I be reading too much into it by saying that when an independant 
label starts licensing records that there is not enough local talent
to support the label? Or are they releasing these records to make 
enough cash for the Euphonic record? 

What's next?.. Hmm, oh the Potluck.. I hear that these are pretty fun,
and entertaining. I don't know what to bring.. possibly some scrummy
orderves? Maybe some party dips and potato chips (I don't know where the 
deals are)?.. Hmm, well afterwards I think everyone is going to head 
on down to the Oasis. There is a show at the Oasis on Saturday, and, with 
the risk of repeating myself, what a wonderful show there will be at the 
OASIS ON SATURDAY. Moonsocket, Sanisoft, and Piebald. $3.00 cheap no less.

Preppy Brendan.

PS. Go to the Oasis on Saturday night and bring all your friendz.