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Re: For Todays Active Sloan Net...

hey everybody,

i'm now comfortably ensconced in my funky little bachelor pad,
after a weekend of backbreaking labour, and i'm ready to catch
up with my email.  i'll do my best to answer all requests/messages

brendan wrote:

>Hmm where to start?.. Hmm, ok we'll start with this Sharon person.
>I don't understand why she couldn't *ask* to be removed before she
>"flipped her wig" but people shouldn't waste too much sloan net 
>mail addressing the situation- not worth the hassle/time.

well, the weird thing is, someone named "steve" subscribed from
that account months ago.  i wonder if it was a prank?  if so, why would
this sharon person wait so long to ask to unsubscribe?

very strange.

>Uhhm, Richard Davies.. 

>I be reading too much into it by saying that when an independant 
>label starts licensing records that there is not enough local talent
>to support the label? 

yes, that's reading too much into it.  
indie labels releasing out-of-town stuff is a *good* thing.
cross-fertilization and all that.  what, this scene isn't inbred
enough for you already?  :-)

>Or are they releasing these records to make 
>enough cash for the Euphonic record? 

yeah, 'cause this richard davies record is sure to be a big moneymaker.


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