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Re: NxNE

>Does anybody have any news on this years NxNE (North by North East) 
>festival? I haven't heard any news yet and I'm becoming anxious.

Visit the NXNE website for info on the bands and venues.  You can also pick
up soundclips etc.

By the way, My Pet Genius, the band I'm proud to be a member of, is playing
at Ania's Falafel on Saturday June 14th \!/ 9pm as part of the fest.  Come
join in the fun...the food's not bad either.  Also on the bill are
Vancouver's Noise Therapy and Cinnamon, and Toronto's Pariahs and Throbbin'

For further info, come check out our web page...


...it's Netscape 2.0 enhanced, so if you have an earlier version some of the
neat bells and whistles may not work.


>P.S.-Did anyone catch the Simpson's season finale on saturday? It was a 
>total killer....Sonic Youth stealing watermelon out of Peter Frampton's 
>cooler.....what a classic...."show me the way" ;)........

The show wasn't bad, but I thought the portrayal of Cypress Hill was much
funnier, especially when B-Real finished Kim Gordon's rant with "and getting
toasted...nicely toasted".

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