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the hardship post, rebecca west, el tuck

Last night's show at the birdland was probably the best $5.00 I've spent 
in a long time.

Al Tuck started the night off acoustically, with a nice instrumental 
piece.  Then he did that "i went celtic, when celtic wasn't cool" song.  
...few more songs... ben joins him on stage playing bass...more 
songs...bob keiler(ithink)joins ben n all,playing acoustic guitar(al is 
playing a very handsome electric)...a few more songs...drummer guy joins 
them,can't remember his name, but he's familiar...They do a cover of a 
furey's song called "from claire to here"(or something like that), what a 
song!  Then they do "my bucket's got a hole in it", the only other person 
I know who does this song is Hank Williams Sr., he'd a bin proud.  It was 
great set, again, I had to move up a bit closer to the stage to really 
hear what was going on, since so many people were talking...frustration.

rebecca west were really on.  though allison seemed to be having some 
trouble with her guitars(idunno).  i think they did a lot of new tunes, i 
think i recognized maybe half, but then i'm gettin' old, my memories goin'.
They did that song about the beatles new song, "who the hell is jude 
anyway!", it's a truly great song.  Everyone was doing what do well, but, 
here's a twist, Dale sings!  Drummer extraordinair, and singer(no less). 
wooo! it's all sounding mighty fine, great set numero doo.:)
Oh, and Allison wished Katrina G. happy birthday:)

The Hardship Post, what a set, even better than the last time they 
played the birdland(and I loved that).  They are so comfortable with the 
new sound and line up, they do it completely seamlessly(sp?).  The songs 
sound great, the way they combine their voices works so well, all three 
sing lead at some point, and for any given song, any or both of the other 
two would be singing backup.  They seemed very comfortable on stage, 
talking it up with the crowd, which, this time, had the good sense to pay 
attention.  I can't remember all the songs, i never do, but some of them 
were capability(5 stars), sunshine(5 stars), ball of confusion(4 stars, 
a love and rockets song i think?) and garbage truck(five stars).  Also, 
when they came for the encore, Allison sang a great new song, i wonder 
what it's called.  I'm looking forward to a new release.

Jim Cooper