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sloannet annoy the neighbour night

announcing a sloannet pot luck at my place Saturday May 25th.
Cecil Seaskull is going to be playing, if strawberry don't leave for 
P.E.I to soon, and Dan Hussy...and you just never know who else might be 
showing up.

Things are going to start around 6:30, and wrap up around 9:30, so we can 
get down to the Oasis in plenty of time.

Please bring food; we'll need rolls, salad, pizza, samosas(mmm samosa), 
obviously food that doesn't require cutlery is prefered.  Maybe you could 
email me letting me know what you're planning on bringing, so we don't 
run into that sesame street royal picnic problem:) sure thing king.

my address is 5512 Charles st. 

I'm practically on the corner of Charles and Gottingen.

     | charles
    *| myplace 5512 charles, across from a huge apartment build.
_____________ gottingen 

see you all there