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trivial sloan things

 Can ya feel it?!?! Toronto is freakin' hot! No more ski jacket.
  Anyhow, the Sloan show yesterday was way too brief but actually pretty
good considering they were playing on that dinky balcony... lots of energy
and the new album is going to be great.  
  I saw the bit they showed on Fax and was thoroughly disappointed by the
fact that they showed more footage of Barbara Hall gabbing away than Sloan
playing... bleh.
  Now here's something kind of weird: Alex, being the kind soul that he is,
picked me up a *vinyl* copy of INXS' "Kick" the other day and noticed that
in the liner notes the band thanks Chris Murphy.  But wait, it gets better -
they thank Andrew Scott in there too (I'm not lying - go look).
Coincidence? I think not :)
                                        very slow,
ps. Carol - did you get yr interview?
pps. Check out this week's eye mag - there's a pic of Chris Murphy and Nardwuar.

   "I know I'm a conformer
   But it really doesn't matter"