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a sloan-y day :)

hello :)

as you may know, sloan played in toronto today as apart of the new cfny
studio blowout. the whole thing was rather lame - toronto mayor barbara hall
was there, saying how toronto is the centre of canada and i'm sure she'd like
us to believe, the world. there were crazy fireworks and what was up with the
purple gas/smoke? whose dumb idea was that???? :)

of course sloan were amazing!! :) they played mostly new stuff until their
encore and after their set they did a [chessy] autograph session.            
     hey, if anyone taped the performance and interview could you email
please? thanks :)

anyways, if you watch tonights 'fax' you will see sloan net's lisa chen-wing
dancing at the end of the sloan clip AND (woo hoo!) you can see my shoulder
beside her (i'm famous! ;) tee hee.. :) ).

have a wicked day :)

-=- D'Arcy -=-

ps - special hi's go out to the 'stalkers' - you know who you are!!! :) :) :)