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Re: no sloan contenet

shant wrote:
> On Fri, 17 May 1996, Andrew P. Rodenhiser wrote:
> > Doesn't it suck that out of all the interesting and talented metal 
> > bands of the 80's, the only survivor seems to be Def Leppard?
> let's say *successful* survivor. unfortunately iron maiden deemed it 
> necessary to go on with a crappy new vocalist.

Anyone is crappy when compared to Bruce. And since when is Def Leppard
metal? They had this 'hard rock' song called "Rock of Ages", then that 
clever song where they put the word 'rock' where 'fuck' should be. And
the rest is ballads. I wonder if the new metallica will be metal or 
sell-out crap like their last 'rock' album. I wonder if cliff if still
spinning in his grave...hmmmm....

I think that Anthrax is an 80's survivor, although I haven't bought any
of their stuff since Persistence....bla bla bla...

> > I'm waiting for a Saxon reunion.

I'm waiting to hear about the Sex Pistols shows! hahaha! 
Their whole reuniun thing is so beautiful.

oh - and i can't wait for the Inbreds/Superfriendz (OECC)