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Re: no sloan contenet

On 17 May 96 at 15:17, graham\!/ug.cs.dal.ca wrote:

}shant wrote:
}> let's say *successful* survivor. unfortunately iron maiden deemed it 
}> necessary to go on with a crappy new vocalist.
}Anyone is crappy when compared to Bruce. And since when is Def Leppard
}metal? They had this 'hard rock' song called "Rock of Ages", then that 
}clever song where they put the word 'rock' where 'fuck' should be. And
}the rest is ballads. I wonder if the new metallica will be metal or 
}sell-out crap like their last 'rock' album. I wonder if cliff if still
}spinning in his grave...hmmmm....

The first Def Leppard album "On through the night" had a lot more 
guts.  Almost as different from their last album as "Kill 'em All" 
is from Metallica's last album.  Almost.  But you're right, maybe 
that's why DL survived; they weren't metal in the first place.

}I think that Anthrax is an 80's survivor, although I haven't bought any
}of their stuff since Persistence....bla bla bla...

Agreed, though they aren't British.  New York punk-metal seems to 
have outlived British heavy-metal and (thank god) LA glam-metal.  
Anyone read Hit Parader lately?  They've pretty much given up on 
Faster Pussycat and are now trying to cover alternarock like 
Smashing Pumpkins.  They're still prety lame.

OECC: Catano played a live Joe Jackson version of "Got The Time" on 
his show this week and I thought it was Anthrax with the new 
vocalist until he rolled the credits.  Wicked song even before the 
metalheads picked it up.

}oh - and i can't wait for the Inbreds/Superfriendz (OECC)

see you there,