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Re: beatles/\sloan

Since nobody's posting, I have to read my archives to find a topic...

On  9 May 96 at 9:55, psavage\!/toronto.cbc.ca wrote:

}>Just be glad we're all not saying they sound very "Ratt-esque". :)
}Hey, hey...easy now.  I'm sure Chris Murphy wouldn't mind being compared to
}Ratt.  He seems like a guy who could appreciate "Round and Round" (a mighty
}testament to the power of hairbands) along with some of the finer bands to
}come of age in the eighties like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister,
}Motley Crue, and Canadian faves, Helix.

Actually, Patrick is the Sloaner most heavily influenced (read into 
that whatever you like) by the NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy 
Metal), particularly Maiden and Priest.

Doesn't it suck that out of all the interesting and talented metal 
bands of the 80's, the only survivor seems to be Def Leppard?

I'm waiting for a Saxon reunion.

"Come crusader, let battle commence!"