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"eric's trip broken up? Not likely"

        I have read and heard that Eric's Trip has broken up.  I don't think
so.  One of the articles I have read on the net,was from some guy somewhere
( i don't know exactly).  He said that he was talking to Rick White on may
the 8th, Rick told him that they had basically broken up.  Hey it's Rick
White talking, ofcourse he's telling the truth.  But, sometime in march
(Can. music week)
I saw them play, now i was talking to them and Julie  also told me that they
had basically broke up.  But they still played a bunch of shows. 
        What I'm trying to say is Eric's Trip is one of my favourite bands,
and for all you cool guys who feel the same as me, don't worry, the'll stick
together.  If they take a break for a while, the'll be back.  Sloan
supposedly broke up, but they are playing a show tomorrow in the afternoon
in Toronto.   So Don't worry all you Trip Fans the'll stick.