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My Webspace

        Since I've found Tripod (yay free webspace) and I've taught myself
some html, I'm finally ready to make my thundering presence felt on the net.
Right now all I have is a little letter with some links, but I was wondering
if anyone would have some east coast related stuff (tabs, lyrics, etc) that
I could temporarily move to webspace (I have 98,000 kbs to fill).  So for
now, we can have a place on the web to house some EC stuff.  
        For now I have loads of space to fill, but it may get the boot later
as I thinking of starting a web-zine kind of thing, but that won't be for a
while I'm jsut too doggone busy.


ps  Btw, if anyone want to see the html I did in one hour on Monday, it can
be visited     at "http://members.tripod.com/~mgreenan/index.html
Elizabeth Greenan
Amherst Cove School
PO BOX 209
Borden-Carleton, PEI
C0B 1X0