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even more Re: EC bands and social conscience.

On Mon, 13 May 1996, Groovy Goddess wrote:

> Being in a band does not make one obligated to speak up on social 
> issues.  At least no more obligated than you or I.  Sure, better things 
> could have been done with those condoms.  Why didn't you offer to collect 
> the extra ones and take them to the next planned parenthood event?  

I did.

> can't keep blaming other people because the world isn't perfect.  

Look, when I go to a gig, I'm paying my $$ for the performance, and as a 
"consumer purchasing a product", also as a "music fan listening to 
music" if that sounds heartless, if I want to thoughtfully consider what I'm 
swallowing instead of standing there glassy-eyed, then I have that right. For 
me, going to gigs isn't about standing there passively, aimlessly nodding my 
head to whatever the band/performer decides to do. 
	Of course, I do blame myself for the world not being perfect, 
though. You can't assume I like myself that much.

Talk to 
> Greg Clark and see why he doesn't have more benefit shows, or collect 
> food at the door if you really think Birdland is an appropriate forum for 
> social issues to be raised.  If his answer doesn't suit you, then I look 
> forward to seeing you grabbing the microphone from some *apathetic* band 
> during their set and *enlightening* us all.

Um, does heckling stinkin' rich count? Did you mean to contradict your 
earlier "don't blame" statement, or is was this last part sarcasm, and I 
missed it?
			blame, blame, double blame,