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"patriot" and fluff

i was wondering if anyone knew who directed this new thrush
hermit video...it really has that sabbath feeling to it, no?

and what is up with eric's trip, then? are they playing again or not? mike
campbell said they haven't broken up yet, but i know he tapes earlier so i
don't necessarily rely on his reports to be 100% accurate (not to blame
him, it's that time thing). also, even though we on sloan net love (or
used to anyway) to bitch about mr. campbell and his show, man...i'm really
feeling sorry for him, it seems as though they are allowing insane
children to produce the show and put all the clips together...ever notice
how often he has to make apologies for stuff that happened in the show
from the week before because of the people in toronto?

wow, there sure were a lot of sloan net names on that all request show...

and wee, i got to be on tv.... ;) and for those wondering, yes, nardwuar
had the pom pom hat. isn't he a darling? :)

how's that for fluff, eh? :)

ps/ i've heard a bit of that richard davies and he's good, kids. :) y'all
might want to check it out. very nice man, it seems, although he has no
clue about sloan. tee hee... :)

"I'm on a scavenger hunt!"
           - Grant Horwood