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here i go again... (could be considered fluff?)

hello fellow computer nerds (courtesy of cbc) and rabid fans (courtesy of 

_in the meantime..._ #4 is just about ready for anyone who'd interested 
:)  featured interviews in my l'il zine are the Local Rabbits, Inbreds, 
and Plumtree, as well as a "star-studded" feature, the usual reviews and 
more.  it's $2 ppd or trade or $1.50 if you get it from me in person.

send send send stuff to _in the meantime..._   
  c/o me (carol ..or sizzle teen, if you prefer :) )
    350 Columbia St. West
    Unit 100, Room B
    Waterloo, Ontario
    N2L 6G8

if you're going to friday's sloan thingamagigy in toronto and want a 
copy or two or three or.. ;) , please e-mail me before thursday and i'll 
reveal my identity to you and bring a copy ;)  

also available (same price)
#3: interviews w/ Waltons, Al Tuck, Eric's Trip, and some Local Rabbits; 
an Inbreds contest (note:  contest deadline is creeping up so get yer 
entries in!!); "the phone the phone"; reviews; etc.
#2:  interviews w/ Broken Girl, cub, jale, Super Friendz; murph stories 3 
& 4; "if you had 3 wishes..."; reviews; etc.

thanks for your attention :)

				..sizzle teen
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