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Shameless site promotion

Hey fellow partners in Sloannet servitude, I have an announcement:

No, I'm not having a baby.  It's STIM, the webzine I work on; We launch at
midnight tonight.  Set your web browser to http://www.stim.com.  It's all
about fringe/independent/deviant pop culture and although we don't cover
music directly, I'm sure you'll all love it. Won't you?  WE will have some
great indie pop songs on the real audio juke box soon.  (Any indie label
types should check out the STIMtracks page for a fab promotional opp for
them and their bands.)

I've also been secretly seeding the site with CanCon. Is there a governor
general's  award for this kind of treachery?  See if you can spot it.  Also
watch for East coast content in coming months, including an article penned
by Dave Ullrich of The Inbreds.

Here's the general info I've been sending.

>You see, it wasn't an elaborate ruse.  I really was working.
>At 12:01 AM on Wednesday May 15th, STIM (http://www.stim.com) goes live,
>launches and otherwise makes itself available for sweet nothings and group
>hugs. Tell your friends, ask your grandmother to send celebratory dessert
>squares and have that Cuban connection smuggle in some handrolled cigars!
>But the fun doesn't stop at launch, kids. We're having a communications
>orgy and your presence is requested.
>In addition to the fab editorial (BTW, anything you don't like was done by
>another editor) , make sure to check out the STIM web conferencing system.
>It will allow readers to discuss the articles, STIM and anything else
>their little hearts desire. I encourage (and beg) you to check in and post
>away.  COW requires you to register but I promise this takes no time at
>all and won't result in Kellogg's All Bran junk email.  (No one needs
>gratuitous fiber in their in-boxes.)  Feel free to start posts, respond to
>article-related comments or questions as well as expound on any other
>topics you feel like.  Yes, it's all about how you feel.

Let me know what you think!

Margie Borschke
editor-type, STIM (http://www.stim.com)

STIM 632 Broadway, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10012

212-253-7046 (STIM)
212-253-7015 (FAX STIM)
"No feather boa, no service!"