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Re: specifically Re: EC bands and social conscience.

Being in a band does not make one obligated to speak up on social 
issues.  At least no more obligated than you or I.  Sure, better things 
could have been done with those condoms.  Why didn't you offer to collect 
the extra ones and take them to the next planned parenthood event?  We 
can't keep blaming other people because the world isn't perfect.  Talk to 
Greg Clark and see why he doesn't have more benefit shows, or collect 
food at the door if you really think Birdland is an appropriate forum for 
social issues to be raised.  If his answer doesn't suit you, then I look 
forward to seeing you grabbing the microphone from some *apathetic* band 
during their set and *enlightening* us all.


ps/  This is way off topic, but have any of the females noticed that they 
sort of get pushed out of the way in mosh pits instead of being treated 
like the next guy.  It's happened a few times, and I find it quite annoying