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EC bands and social conscience.

all right, y'all knew i wouldn't be able to
stay quiet on *this* topic.  :-)

i'm not sure if aaron and heather were on sloan
net the last time we beat this horse to death,
but we did have a thread on this topic just a
little while ago.  there was a big debate between
the "why aren't people doing something?" side and
the "hey man, it's just pop music" people.  in the
time since i've reflected a bit on this question
and i guess i still think that more could be done
in this town.  but i think i have some problems
with the *specifics* that heather and tara raise.

- the fact is, quite a number of benefit gigs
  do in fact take place here.  yes, there could
  be more.
- keep in mind that the indie-rock musicians and
  fans are often a bit older than the DC scenesters
  were.  and being older entails all those things
  like not seeing the world in such b&w terms, not
  looking so much to cultural inputs like music to
  make up one's mind about things, etc.  none of
  which is conducive to social dogma music a la minor threat.
  even bruce cockburn eventually had to lighten up.  :-)
- heather, are you implying that local alternative bands
  are homophobic for not playing gay bars?  surely that's
  overstating the case.  have you ever personally heard
  of a local indie-rock band turning down such a booking?
  i never have -- it would totally surprise me if i did.
  i can't conceive of either A) a gay bar in halifax giving
  two shits about indie rock B) a local indie rock band
  turning down a paying gig!  someone please prove me wrong.  :-)
- also, it's pretty ridiculous, heather, to be attacking
  the only indie-rock band in halifax of the past couple of
  years, namely spine, who actually wrote about these issues
  you seem to care so much about *in their songs*.  after
  the songs they wrote, all the benefits they played, you'd
  think they'd be the last band on any politically-aware
  person's hit list.  but it seems like you have a personal
  grudge against the band which, not to put too fine a point
  on it, you should take up with them via private email instead
  of whining about it on sloan net.  sorry for being so harsh
  but it just seems so contradictory to me.
- finally, about simple machines vs. cinnamon toast.  simple
  machines is two women who may as well be twins.  cinnamon
  toast is five different people with differing agendas.
  it's gotta be a lot harder for them to be of one mind on
  social issues.  don't you think so?  it doesn't surprise
  me that they haven't got a dogmatic political agenda.  but
  considering all they've done to support the otherwise
  ignored female artists in this scene, they hardly seem
  like fair targets to me either.  

sure, more could be done.  but i hardly see how cutting down
the only people who show signs of giving a shit is going to 
create a more politically aware populace or an atmosphere
more conducive to activism.

as usual, just my $0.02.


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