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i think i posted something to this effect before, but this is the 
official post from leslie, scarce's tour manager.

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Date: Sun, 12 May 1996 18:03:36 -0300
From: SCARCE\!/aol.com
Subject: Scarce LA dates

May 12, 1996              http://www.netspace.com/scarce

Okay, so I should have been more specific about the new version of DEADSEXY,
so this is for those of you who have written.  Release date- July 30, 1996 on
In March, they recorded with Michael Barbiero at Pachyderm the following:
They rerecorded All Sideways and recorded Rains Of Kansas, Summertime, Crimea
River, and Salvador Sammy.  The following songs were taken off the old
version of DEADSEXY:  Given, Karona Khrome, So Thrill Me, Sweet A Girl Right
Through Me and the old version of All Sideways.  
Scarce played the first ever rock concert in Montgomery County at the Potomac
Community Center, Potomac, MD.  High school students only allowed to attend
and it was a blast!  Fun, moshing, no alcohol, no tobacco, and nearly 1/2
 that attended bought CD's even though they had never heard of the band.  I'm
telling you now, high school students rule!  Juicy opened the show and were
the star audience dancers.  If Black Grape can't get Bez in the country,
maybe they should check into hiring Juicy.  
Not a lot of news at the moment, but plenty more to come.  Keep in touch.