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This and that..

Hey, hhmm.. where to start?..
Et broke up, but I _know_ it wasn't so they could hurt your feelings, 
don't blame yourself.. blame fate.
Sloan seem to have a new record coming out so I guess I am to assume that 
this means that they only took a break- which is what they said they were 
doing in the first place. I don't recall any of them ever saying publicly 
that they "broke up".. that's just sloan net paranioa at work (once again)

AND then there is last night.. 
The Euphonic are the next big thing- it is true. While they aren't really 
my personal focus they are all really talented musicians/songwriters.. 
their bass player is _amazing_ he gets my vote on next years polls. Great 
harmonies, catchy songs.. I like em alot and I think with time lots of 
people will catch on- mark my words. Very tight band good drummer too.
Theeeeee Suddens played 2nd and were pretty much what you would expect 
from a power _pop_ ;} band. Tight "rawk" that brings back memories of 
skating curbs and ollieing decks. I don't really get all that exited when 
I hear this band, but them again.. this is only one persons say so, check 
em out.
Sloppy Friendz.. man, it was pretty hilarious to see these bumbeling 
balls or rock fury hit the stage. Well, it was another great show (what 
else would you expect?), but it was not without its hitches, heh.. Broken 
strings, crap sound (at first- it got better), etc.. but the thing that 
amused me was watching "Mr. Acrobat" jump on the bass drum to do a jump, 
but instead of canapolting (sp?) back in place he wiped hard, kicking over 
the whole kit and mics to boot.. heh. "It was getting kind of tired 
anyhow" said Matt after having regained his composure. I don't think 
anyone got hurt, all in all it was an evening well spent.

Met up in France,