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sloan on muchmusic

hi.....just wanted to remind anyone with cable that this week's muchwest
should *probably* have a sloan moment or two, seeing as how right after
they gave their marvelous musicwest keynote address "how to get away with
murder" :) everyone's favorite ex-cop TDM grabbed jay and chris and we're
assuming they were interviewed....you might even get to see some real life
sloan net nerds, unless we've been relegated to the cutting room floor
already. :) that's tonight at...10 mountain and again at 2:30 am mountain.
you do the math.

oh man, wasn't that super friendz story the BEST??? hee hee, i'm still
laughing.... :) :) like it wasn't BOUND to happen anyway. :)


"I'm on a scavenger hunt!"
           - Grant Horwood