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Re: Superfriendz show in Halifax

Here is the deal on the Sat. Super Friendz Show


******* ALL  AGES**************
$$$$$$$$ 5.00 $$$$$$$$$$$$$

Place= 2182 Gottingen St. This big old space right near the El Strato bar
It has giant posters in the window between Cornwallis and Cunard st.

DOORS???????? - 7:30
SHOW will be over by 10:00pm

Tickets are available at PRO SKATE>>>>DISCHORDER RECORDS>>>>URBAN SOUND 

there ya go.

On Sun, 12 May 1996, Natalie Lovesey wrote:

> Could someone please email me with the details on the Superfriendz show in 
> Halifax this coming Saturday? Thanks!
>                                         --Natalie

Colin MacKenzie
Jale Music., murderecords, Cinnamon Toast Records

po box 2372 Halifax Central
Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 3E4
tel:902 422 6114 / fax:902 422 2194