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Re: ok.

On  9 May 96 at 11:49, jaw8992\!/is.nyu.edu wrote:

}   hey so i think they would be tomato rice soup if
}sloan were a soup...screw the cream of mushroom ;)

Cool, let's start trading our favourite soup recipes!  Here's mine:

2 servings Minute Rice
1 can salmon (broken up, and pick out those gross spinal columns)
1 can tomato or tomato rice soup
1 can fiesta or italian tomato soup (Go Campbell's!!)
Salt, pepper, herbs to taste

Prepare the rice.  Add the fish and concentrated soups and a little 
less than 2 cans of water.  Season as desired.  Simmer and serve with 
bread or salad.  

Serves 4.

Domesticated Andrew