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ET live shows on tape plus...

Hey Sloannetters.  Hope you're all not recovering from, what I think, was 
a dissapointing thing on Realtime last week.  Too mellow and Beatlesish, 
but I'm sure you've all covered this allready so i won't beat it anymore.
Just want to check to see if anyone here has any Eric's Trip live boots 
at all they want to trade.  I've got it all live.  Just name it, I have 
it.  Also, if you have any ET stuff from before Warm Girl or Belong EPs, 
let me know.  So email me for ET boot trades.
Mary from iMPACT, got the CD sampler.  Not too impressed, but hey, it has 
Kittens, so that's not too shabby. :)
Ryan, I'm gonna sue you for copyright infrindgement for using my quote as 
your signature. :) just kidding man.  Lawyers suck.  Wouldn't even use on 
for a speed bump.  Ya shoulda asked me first, tho... :)

Richard S

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