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Re: last show.

>if so,i'm more upset that the last show wasn't in the maritimes,but 
>in the states! the fuckin'states! hey eric's trip your canadain!

--wait a minute here.  Sloan supposedly played their "last" show in the
states. did you bitch then??  no, they came back home to spend time with
murder and you guys got to watch them walk in and out of record stores and
such.  from what you people say, this band has been planning on breaking up
for a while now.  and obviously they were upset enough about the reason that
they were to break up enough to stop in the middle of the tour.  so you're
saying that you want them to lumber on home to play in front of "the real
fans"  thats plain selfish.  if somebody wants out, it isn't right to make
that person(s) do it on YOUR terms.
thank you,

"i have the body of a taught, preteen, swedish boy."