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Re: last show.

>I've got to admit, this is upsetting.  I was planning a roadtrip to Buffalo
>with a bunch of friends when they played the Nickle Lounge.  Chicken Wings,
>cheap booze, 4 am last call, and Eric's Trip.  Could life have been finer?

The local record store is still selling tickets for Thursday's show in Ann
Arbor -- apparently they haven't been told yet. (I *was* planning to buy a
few today.)

Did they have touring partners, or just pick up openers from city to city,
and if so, does anyone know what they will be doing? I wanted to see the
Swirlies as much as ET, and they were scheduled with Number One Cup in Ann
Arbor. The place they were playing probably won't take the Swirlies as a
headliner, so right now I'm expecting Thursday to be a TOTAL wash.

Sorry if I sent this to the wrong list, but there's been some cross-posting
between Sloannet and Sebadoh-l and I'm getting confused...! (It's supposed
to be Sloannet, but I suppose it doesn't really matter :-)