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New Thread Idea

 Good day,
    Somewhere in this last Week's series of sloan vs. Beatles threads,
someone brought up sloan's lack of a public stance on social causes as an
example of the many diffirences between them and the "fab 4". This got me
thinking about the general lack of (or freedom from, depending upon where
you stand) social activism in east coast rawk. Bands do play the odd benefit
show, although they are for the most part on the behalf of popular and not
terribly controversial issues (i.e. AIDS, wolves). My question is, does the
scene suffer or gain from the lack of activism on the part of the musicians?
yr thoughts please......

 p.s. If I've got it all wrong and you can think of examples, I'd like to
hear about them.   
 D. Aaron Petrie, No 'zine, No website, No sense of direction.........