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Re: last show.

>And let's face it, one of the biggest factors in their "break-up" is the
>fact that no one showed up to their US shows.  It's not that there's not any
>real fans in the US it's just that there's not enough of them.

>And I'm pissed because I'm never going to get to see Eric's Trip, and I
>blame it on the United States of America
so then completely disregard us, don't let any EC fans from the states on to
sloannet because there are more of you only because erics trip is from where
you are.  it is completely stupid.  you have a better chance of seeing them
again because you're in canada.  why do bands tour?  to go play in front of
people in other places.  if they were dejected that no one showed, then they
should have done something about it.  you guys are completely irrationally
rambling on about this.  go put your watery eyes into a pillow.  

p.s.-$5 more towards the pacifier fund.
"i have the body of a taught, preteen, swedish boy."