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eric's trip might be canadian, but....

hey sloan net..... :)

could we please keep america vs. canada and anti-american sentiments type
of comments to a minimum in this break up of eric's trip discussion?
i'm a huge canadian nationalist (almost up there with nardwuar! :) ) and
have certain opinions about american institutions which may be seen as
unfavourable, but to direct your anger about a band (a band!!!!) breaking
up towards an entire country and its populace is just silly.

eric's trip are four individuals and obviously some tension was occuring
which could not be resolved. they're not some conglomerate working side by
side with subpop, determined to piss off their "most loyal" (read:
canadian) fans. honestly, i think the "most loyal" fans would just let the
band sort it out on their own and wait for the outcome, instead of posting
to sloan net how "uncanadian" eric's trip are, and how stupid subpop is
for booking an american tour.

it's sad that eric's trip are done, but it's even sadder to watch their
"fans" try to scapegoat and place the blame on something. it just wasn't
working out. deal with it. go listen to your records and be happy that
they have such a wonderful, extensive back catalogue.

a gigantic semi-obsessive eric's trip fan,

ps/ if i had to work in a band situation (including touring which is fun
at times but incredibly stressful) with any of my ex-girlfriends/
boyfriends, i'd go nuts. it would be a miracle if it lasted two minutes,
let alone the few years eric's trip has continued to stick together. what
stamina! :)