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hodge podge lodge

neone notice how i just post a whole bunch of useless bits to this list
every few months. kewl. ok. neways.

1) everyone writing novel-length messages which don't concern everyone
can BITE ME?!? (hehe sorry i didn't get to my e-mail for a few weeks and
it was teeeeerrrrrrible)

2) Why doesn't anyone want to say who is breaking up erics trip? its
always this "well i don't want to say but i think u get teh picture"
type of thing. since i'm not deeply attached to et i'll say it : rick
white doesn't want to do erics trip nemore.

3) comment on PoP: yes some people could inerpret it as mariah carrey so
thats why i like saying "power pop" or "pop rock", especially the latter
because it is a type of candy. i know that suddenly there are all these
new kinds of pop but those two are ok, RIGHT??? or the "-core"s like
"garagecore", "applecore"

4) Pops & Company now has top spot for fave song. listen to it.