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3 day concert

Hey it's me the new SloanNeter Drew! I just found out about
this thing that's happening for 3 days around toronto somewhere
sloan, the cure, live, porno for pyros, cibo matto, elk, 
glueleg, the odds, spirit of the west, the watchmen, tracy bonham, 
everclear, and a whole bunch of other bands too.
It costs like 96 smackers i guess.
Two website's that have info are www.ticketweb.com & www.edenent.com.

I just heard about it on HLL, i don't know anything about it except 
what i've told you and it's from july 12-14.

I think porno for pyros are doing it to try and stop the lollapalooza thing,
it was invented to sway away from the mainstream, now it is the mainstream,
pop will eat its self.


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