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Re: last show.

>so then completely disregard us, don't let any EC fans from the states on to
>sloannet because there are more of you only because erics trip is from where
>you are.  it is completely stupid.  you have a better chance of seeing them
>again because you're in canada.        
        Actually I know exactly how you feel.  I live on Prince Edward
Island, Canada's smallest province (about 150,000 people) and since I am
only 15 I am not able to make a trip anywhere else to see Eric's Trip.
Eric's Trip has only made one trip to PEI, three years ago and they only
played three songs.  They had a show planned for April 27th but they
cancelled it because it was too close to their american tour.    

>why do bands tour?  to go play in front of
>people in other places. 
        To play infront of people, (like more than 50).

>if they were dejected that no one showed, then they
>should have done something about it.  
        Actually they did, before all this breakup talk Joyce from Subpop
posted saying that they cancelled their tour because of the lack of support
from american crowds.  I think we know they were dejected, and it would be
stupid to say that that wouldn't contribute, even the tiniest bit to their

>you guys are completely irrationally
>rambling on about this.  go put your watery eyes into a pillow.  
        Hey, irrational rants are my specialities.  

>p.s.-$5 more towards the pacifier fund.
        You're just so fucking funny.

        I can't help it I'm just a poor canadian patriot/elitist.  I could
dis the US some more but I won't

Ignorance is bliss,

ps  I don't live in an igloo ;)
Elizabeth Greenan
Amherst Cove School
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Borden-Carleton, PEI
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