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this is really stupid

don't flame me ok?
1. ignorance is common in many people - NOT just 15 year olds. 
2. Why think "americans suck because they didn't all go see eric's trip"
think "wow, that's really cool that eric's trip have gathered a fan base
(however small it might be) in the states"
3. I'm sure they didn't break up just because they weren't getting a good
turnout at their us shows. Personally if i had a band and not that many
people were showing up at shows, that would make me want to try even harder.
It sounds like although that might of made them break up a bit sooner - this
was planned to be their last tour as far as i know. It was personal problems
with the band memebers it is no one's fault.
4. Just because tons of people in the states didn't show up at the shows
doesn't mean that they don't have alot of fans there. These shows could of
been on weekdays, not advertised well etc. Last night two bands i really
like played at two different clubs in town. i couldn't go to either of them
because i didn't have enough $$. hell, frank black played and i couldn't go
because i was sick.
 well that's all i have to say for now....see you all on friday woooo hoooo!!!
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