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Re: Activism in Halifax

On Sat, 11 May 1996, D. Aaron Petrie wrote:

>  Good day,
>     Somewhere in this last Week's series of sloan vs. Beatles threads,
> someone brought up sloan's lack of a public stance on social causes as an
> example of the many diffirences between them and the "fab 4". This got me
> thinking about the general lack of (or freedom from, depending upon where
> you stand) social activism in east coast rawk. Bands do play the odd benefit
> show, although they are for the most part on the behalf of popular and not
> terribly controversial issues (i.e. AIDS, wolves). My question is, does the
> scene suffer or gain from the lack of activism on the part of the musicians?
> yr thoughts please......

	It's absolutely true, and it's totally pathetic.
	Who does Cinnamon Toast Records list as their mentor in their 
catalog? Simple Machines, a label with a genius social conscience that 
has done so much to increase awareness of important community issues, and 
raise money for important causes. Has cinnamon toast done any of that? 
	Who do all of the straight edge rock stars in town admire? D.C. 
punk bands on Dischord, who did amazing things to strengthen youth 
culture, and create a pro-alert anti-thoughtless environment. They 
did all kinds of amazing things, and have any local musicians come close 
to doing that? 
	And after hand-stamping and xeroxing AIDS info, and counting condoms 
for the Spine 7", (plus walking everything straight to Birdland), do you 
think the band would mention Planned Parenthood at their show? Read a word of 
the inserts? Do the one thing that was really important, which was return 
the extra condoms so that Planned Parenthood could use them instead of sticking 
them in their closets? They were so clueless!
	It would be so easy for local bands to play gay bars, include 
clever inserts in their 7"s, write a line (or 2) of socially aware lyrics 
and they don't bother! I think a lot of that comes from the music "scene" 
being so homogenous. In trying to be self-sufficient, it becomes really 
isolated and self-absorbed. In trying to win friends and sell records, 
it avoids controversy. It's really gross, and it makes me think 
about buying Lenny Gallant albums instead.
		this is longer than I thought it'd be,