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Re: Activism in Halifax

On Sun, 12 May 1996, Heather-Anne Harkins wrote:
> 	It's absolutely true, and it's totally pathetic.

i totally agree with you, heather. remember last year, during the G7 - not
a single band played at the P7 (the people's summit) and when david
barsamian spoke, there were a handful of ckdu volunteers in the audience
but not a single musician to be seen. maybe they were all waiting for
david suzuki's speech, but somehow i doubt it. as much as i love halifax
and as glad as i am to be leaving the prairies, the one thing about the
calgary scene that it appears halifax scenesters could learn from is the
proliferation of benefit gigs. nearly every saturday when i read the list
of events happening around town, i'll see the c.h.u.m.p.s. all ages
society raising money for the food bank, for connection housing, for
womens' shelters, for almost any number of causes; they bring in wicked
bands that the all ages crowd will always show up for ie/ the primrods,
placebo, field day, and usually ask for food bank donations as part of the
admission price. the little punk rock collective i was involved with,
ceasefire (which is now defunct), used to do the same type of gigs -
banned from atlantis' second last gig ever was at one of our fundraisers.

i know there are a few halifax/east coast musicians on sloan net, and i'm
hoping maybe some of them will respond to these questions that aaron,
heather, and i are asking. why is it, apparently, so difficult to ask
people to bring a can of food to the birdland at the next rebecca west
show? why doesn't the hardship post put on a show and donate part of their
take to a rape crisis centre, to a literacy fund, or planned parenthood?
why doesn't a band like the super friendz or sloan, who are almost
guaranteed to reach a rather large audience, include inserts in their next
single about a cause that they are close to? if sloan, eric's trip and
their record labels can work together to raise funds for ckdu, why can't
bands do more of that sort of thing for other humanitarian causes?

the bands in calgary that participate in these benefits don't always have
political stances in their lyrics, so it's not even a matter of
compromising your musical sensibilities. what's up?

who is even wordier than heather :)