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Re: comparisons

>ok, I'm mystified..

I'll try to break the spell...

>first, you compared the Odds to BNL

The lyrical content of songs like "Eat My Brain" and "Heterosexual Man"
would not be out of place for the BNL crew.  Though they are different
musically, they share the same sense of humour.  And as far as I'm concerned
that kind of rip-roaring humour is best left to Yuk Yuk's.

>second, I *think* what you just indirectly implied is that Sloan are more
>clever with their use of wit - funnier -  than the Barenaked Ladies.

Sloan use intelligent humour.  There wit is dry, not unlike that of the Kids
in the Hall.  It's not a belly-romp.  It's more thoughtful.

>what the hell?
>have you *heard* any BNL songs?

As a Canadian, I think it would be impossible not to have.  It's a
requirement for citizenship.

>whatever you think about that band, you can *not* say that they aren't

"Me in Grade Nine", "If I Had a Million Dollars", "You Can be My Yoko Ono",
"Alternative Girlfriend"...

They have a knack for stating the blatantly obvious.  That's not clever in
my book...it's juvenile.

>anyway, the moral of the story, I think, is that
>*comparing bands is stupid*.

In theory this is true, but I doubt you'd be able to find someone who
doesn't.  It's kind of like the masturbation theory...99% do it, the other
1% lie.

>please leave it to hack music writers.
>future hack music writer

You see, this is wit.

Keep writing...Geneyus.