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Re: Iron Egg

Hmm, I think that all of the details on IE are in the sleeve.. just pull 
'er out and take a look. There are not one but _TWO_ superfeindz singles.
I don't think they are forsale- probably just fer promo.. nothin too hot 
though that Iron Egg song is pretty funny.. and sorta sick I remember 
something about S&M or something. That song is about someones old teacher 
from Gr 6.. so I guess they were probably in Gr. 7 when they did it so 
that would make them around.... hmm... 12? maybe 13 or so. There is a 
song by "Rhynoplasty" on one of those too.. I don't think there were any 
non-LP tracks on them. Woo Hah got you all in check!

> We at CIMN just got our newest installment of Murderecords stuff, and among 
> it was the oh, so talked about Super Friendz single. The point? Iron Egg.
> Holy crap, I have never seen a band get taken to so quickly over here....it's
> kind of hilarious....that Charles Austin should really dump those Super 
> friendz and hook up for a reunion show at the barn...big money...big, big 
> money I only have one question...how old were the kids in said band when that 
> was recorded? Melissa