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just had to put in my 2 cents

        I don't know maybe it's because I'm new here but seeing as this is
**SloanNet** we should all just discuss Sloan and be happy! In my opinion,
the Beatles, as well as Sloan have many things in common, but are truly
individual, talented bands. Sure, they sound alike sometimes, but everyone
has their influences. The Beatles explored music and brought many new sounds
to the music of their time, and now Sloan, and other bands are expanding on
this and coming up with more new sounds. So, just everyone lighten up and
enjoy the music! =) All this analysis is making me sick! The music that
Sloan and the Beatles make is ment to be enjoyed and is ment to make ppl
smile :) On the lighter side of life, I think Sloan are more like cute
little ladybugs than beetles, and if Sloan were a food, they'd be a 7Layer
Buritto, with something for everyone (and no meat!)
        thanks everyone, 
Sarah EBW. :)

ps-If Eric's Trip truly is broken up it is a sad, sad day :(

pps-does anyone know what type of music CFRC radio in Kingston Ontario
plays??? I'm going to Queen's University for a week (may 13-17) to take a
course on radio broadcasting and we're supposed to end the week with a show
on CFRC. Thanks again!

Au revoir tout le monde