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sad news for all ERic's Trip Fans.
	I was at their last show tonight.  It was a bittersweet show.
Great performance yet I couldn't stop thinking that it was the last show.
Ok so here's the low down on the scoop i got from Julie...
		I talked to Julie after the show and she confirmed that
they were no longer. Today was their last show and she said she was making
plans for her other band and cancelling ET shows all day.  She appeared
quite sad about the whole thing.  I guess it was a certain band member
that made the decision yesterday or the day before.  ( i think we can all
guess who that might be...she said they were breaking up because of
personal reasons....hmmmm..so now I think you can guess if it wasn't
obviously already apparent) She said that wanted to finish up the planned
shows but that same person decided that tonight must be the last night.  
	I also asked Julie about whether or not Broken Girl, Moonsocket,
or Elevator to Hell would be playing at NXNE to make up for the
cancellation of ET's spot.  She said she didn't think so but did mention
that she(broken girl) would be touring with Moonsocket, Orange Glass, etc.
She said that they would be in TO sometime in June(around the 17th or
something) with no stops this time in the US at all. 
	There's also hope for a ET reunion sometime in the future.  She
said that she didn't think it would be the end of ET since they're all
still friends and she didn't see Eric's Trip as over.  Hell if Sloan can
overcome their differences hopefully ET can.  here's to hoping!
	Another interesting thing..at the end of their set Chris went on
this incoherent tangent about why they were breaking up.  sorta reminded
me of 'before i do' ;) 'cause with the loud noisey guitar distortion I
couldn't hear shit.  all that I could make out was "a few days ago we
decided....."  Damn i wish i could tell you more but since i have no idea
what he was saying, I can't. :P  
ummm so if i remember anything else i'll try to write it soon.  I haven't
slept in too long(due to finals ) and in less then 8 hours I'm coming back
to Bufffalo for the summer...only good thing about that is CAnadian radio
:) hope to see some of you netters soon.
ps there were only about 40 or 50 people at the show tonight. big
difference in comparsion to Lee's.
pps no encores either :(