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>	I was at their last show tonight.  It was a bittersweet show.
>Great performance yet I couldn't stop thinking that it was the last show.
>Ok so here's the low down on the scoop i got from Julie...
        Don't believe the hype kids, they'll play again.  I never believed
that Sloan would break up and right now I'm listening to some songs from
their new album, if you have faith they'll play again.  Besides they owe PEI
a show.

>	There's also hope for a ET reunion sometime in the future.  She
>said that she didn't think it would be the end of ET since they're all
>still friends and she didn't see Eric's Trip as over.  Hell if Sloan can
>overcome their differences hopefully ET can.  here's to hoping!
Of course, if anything it was the stress and frustration of making the long
trip to the US and only have 40 or 50 people show up.  Shame on you America.

>ps there were only about 40 or 50 people at the show tonight. big
>difference in comparsion to Lee's.
Let me tell you I'd be thinking about breaking up too.  But don't believe it
they will return.

>pps no encores either :(
I wouldn't play an encore either, I wouldn't care if those 40 people were
the biggest Eric's Trip fans in the world.

This sucks, but we've got to have faith,
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