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sheesh, and i thought *i* was bad... ;)

ok, don't anyone ask about the details ever again, or else i will have to 
kill you!  ...or at least get someone else to do it for me ;)

sloan in toronto

friday may 17th at noon

for the opening of cfny's new (!?) headquarters, 204 Yonge St (across 
from the Eaton Centre)

and it's free, baby, free!! :) :) :) :)

also, if anyone dares grab sloan away from me when i try to do an 
interview, i will DEFINITELY kill you ;) :)  

the sizz has spoken.

			...carol in waterloo :)

p.s.  beatles references?  ha!  i think they ripped off the waltons for 
one of their intros!!! :)
p.p.s.  woo-hoo!  more mention of patty p, please :) :) :)

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