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Re: Eric's Trip \!/ Brownie's

>Also, you guys aren't turning out in droves to these Eric's Trip  shows 
>like I thought 
>you would.  I realize Chicago is not all ages, but I think all the other 
>ones are.  If you're a fan you should see them.  This will more than 
>likely be your last chance.  I think the band is starting to wonder why 
>they even bothered to come play in the US.  

That really is a pity that no one's showing up for Eric's Trip they're
amazing.  Geez, maybe they should've forgot about their american and gone to
PEI instead ;)

Toungue in Cheek,
Elizabeth Greenan
Amherst Cove School
PO BOX 209
Borden-Carleton, PEI
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