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Re: broken girl cd

you can get the broken girl cd and the other sappy releases from squirtgun.

squirtgun records
p.o. box 51053
25 peel centre drive
unit 111
bramalea, on
l6t 5m2

cd = $12
7" =  $6

prices include postage.
>On Wed, 8 May 1996, Margie Borschke wrote:
>> on them.  It was a happy happy show.  I picked up the Broken Girl single
>> finally.  Sup-pop is supposed to be distributing it here but they're not
>> doing a very good job of it.  For shame.
>Sub Pop is not distributing any Broken Girl singles.  Sub Pop helped to 
>finance the release of the Broken Girl CD on Sappy, and then brought a few 
>hundred copies into the US to sell through Sub Pop mail order and Sub Pop 
>direct to retail (which deals primarily with small Mom & Pop stores.  The 
>safest way to make sure you get a copy of the CD is to order it from 
>Julie herself, or to order it from Sub Pop mail order (1-800-SUBPOP1 or 
>Also, you guys aren't turning out in droves to these Eric's Trip  shows 
>like I thought 
>you would.  I realize Chicago is not all ages, but I think all the other 
>ones are.  If you're a fan you should see them.  This will more than 
>likely be your last chance.  I think the band is starting to wonder why 
>they even bothered to come play in the US.  

Lee Maslin
Squirtgun Records Canada
P.O. Box 51053
25 Peel Centre Drive, Unit 111
Bramalea, Ontario   L6T 5M2
(905)840-5358,  fax (905) 793-2636
e-mail squirtgn\!/enterprise.ca