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Re: Response to 'ThreadS'

On Wed, 8 May 1996, SUgArStAr wrote:

> I'm sorry some feel threatened.  I'll make it a point not to comment on the
> musical style of Sloan ever again.

yes! if i ever hear another note from those original style wankers it'll 
be too soon! who the fuck do they think they're kidding! ;) ;) ;) ;)

> ...Did anyone hear about THe Superfriendz at the Birdland on May 11??  I
> heard this somewhere... is it for real?????  i'd really love to know...

yes! they're playing this saturday at birdland (i forget who the openers 
are) and *next* saturday somewhere on gottingen.....bob and lori's 
perhaps? ....with the inbreds, no less!
enough sloan net content? ;)